Let Us Begin

I figured my first post should be something pretty epic, and there’s nowt more epic than Elite.


In all mediums there are milestones; moments of definition that propelled the whole industry forward, shaped the landscape, changed things so as to ensure they were never the same again. In Film there is a long list of these in it’s 100-or-so-year history. Everything from Citizen Kane, to Star Wars, to The Matrix……..In the Gaming world, few can measure up to Elite.

It’s apt that I should be talking about Elite now seeing as we are in the midst of an anniversary of sorts. Elite was originally released in September 1984. That’s right sports fans, 1984. That be ye olden days to many young gamelings of today, but many of us remember playing it (or in my case remember it being played by my older brothers). I mean, it really did change things. It was the first bona-fide 3D game on home computers. It was open-ended; there was no end-game boss or multiple finales – it just wasn’t that kind of thing. And it was full of choices. Obey the law, or break it? You wanna be a smuggler of narcotics? Black market goods? Slaves? The universe is your big, fat, dirty oyster. Or maybe you don’t quite have the moral flexibility for that and you’d prefer to serve the public trust, protect innocent, and uphold the law. Well, that’s cool too. You want a huge capital ship, or a quick and nimble little starfighter? Aaaah choices choices, decisions decisions. Elite went on to sell about 1 million copies, and though you may scoff at this when compared to modern day behemoths like Call of Duty blah blah, we are talking the 80’s here. Computer games. In the 80’s. 1 million copies. That is a f*cking lot, seriously.

Anyway, enough guff about the old skool, I’m here to talk about the new. Elite Dangerous, the modern, kickstarted upgrade is ticking along nicely. Fans of the original (and to a lesser extent it’s sequel, Frontier: Elite II: released in 1993) should be getting reasonably excited about this bad boy. Me and my Clan certainly are. The idea of a huge capital ship ferrying precious cargo across the galaxy, being covered by smaller fighters, all in sweet, sweet co-op makes a little bit of sex wee come out. If it’s as good as I hope it is, April/May next year (estimated release date) is going to be tasty. Very, very tasty.

Head over (at warp speed if you must) to Elite Dangerous’ kickstarter page, or the official homepage , to check out more on this potentially epic space-orgy. It’s also not too late to spunk all of your real-world credits on helping to fund this indi-project. Details are on the official homepage.

By jingo it’s been too long since we had a decent sci-fi-spacey-shooty-open-worldy-massive-immersion type of game, and quite frankly I want to pretend to be Han Solo so I’m looking forward to this I-F*CKING-MMENSELY.

Check out the links below as a taster. Until I work out how to embed video into this blog fest y’all will have to make do with links. So there.

Until next time humans……..





One thought on “Let Us Begin

  1. Rob Levine

    Great article. For a great many people Elite was and is, put simply, the greatest game game of them all. One minor correction though: in the original, you couldn’t change ships. You were always in a Cobra MkIII. Not that it didn’t stop you dreaming of flying other ships. Like the Fer-de-Lance; oh I wished. In spite of only having a cargo capacity of 2, I wished…


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