Among The Sleep

First Person……games. Ahh, you thought I was about to say ‘First Person Shooters’ didn’t you? Of course you did. Don’t deny it. Oi! I said don’t deny it. First – Person – Shooters. They’re the big boys really aren’t they, let’s be honest. We all love other stuff as well, but one thing we ALL love, is a good FPS. Don’t we? Well I do. But there is a often-overlooked sub-genre to the first-person world which until now I hadn’t really paid much attention to.


I’m not overly sure if there is an ‘official’ genre header for this type of thing (in as much as ‘first person shooter’ or ‘FPS’ is official in any way). Regardless, these games – this sub genre – is played in the first person but involves little or no acts of violence committed by you, the player. I know, I know, for those who are equally as unfamiliar with these games, that may seem a bit odd; bland even. Unreal Tournament sans violence? What, so, you just, like, walk around and jump about a bit with an arena full of other hard-looking meat sacks. What do you do, make conversation? Reminisce about games gone by? Play kiss chase?

Obviously, the answer to that silly little rhetoric is – shut up. Point is, Unreal Tournament and anything even remotely similar is very f*cking far from the sort of game that restricts you from fighting back (I don’t even know why I mentioned it to be honest…..). In all seriousness even the word ‘restrict’ isn’t fair. These games are survival horrors. Try thinking of Resident Evil (the early ones) or Silent Hill, or more recently even something like Dead Space (stay with me here) without ability to shoot or hack or stab; all you have is your brains, your balls, and the ability to run. Now that’s not that hard to get excited about.

People who are familiar with these games will know of the ‘Penumbra’ series by Frictional Games which were followed by ‘Amnesia: The Dark Decent’ and it’s newly released sequel ‘A Machine For Pigs’ which is as fresh on the shelves as a still-warm carcass in an abattoir. I was introduced – albeit loosely –  to Amnesia by a friend of mine who goes by the gamer tag iFraZeee (shameless plug alert – go check out his youtube page here where you can see a grown man piss his pants in fear as he plays through the aforementioned Machine for little piggy wiggys, among others). Even then, although they kind of looked cool to an extent, they never really seemed that appealing to me. “What, so you can’t shoot that things face off? – Why haven’t you got a gun? – Wait, what? There aren’t any guns???” Y’know, that kind of thing.

But something is in the works now that makes me think perhaps I myself may have been guilty of overlooking this little poo-inducing sub genre.


Among the Sleep is a First Person GAME by a little Indi Norwegian outfit called Krillbite Studios. It puts you in the shoes – or should that be sleep suite – of a 2 year old child. Sounds a bit weird? How about the premise: You wake up in your cot. Your parents are missing. There’s a thunderstorm. Everything looks f*cking creepy and weird. That opener alone gets the goosebumps flowing over me like a dose of the clap.Even from the early footage the visuals are bubbling with atmosphere. Everything looks hyper accentuated, the scenery looms over you like you were, well, a two year old in an adult world. Everything is big, and weird, and scary. The thunderstorm helps, obviously.

I urge you to check this thing out. Links below will take you to Krillbite’s Kickstarter page and also Among The Sleep’s official homepage. Like a lot of indi Kickstarters it’s hard to say when this will be released, but if your loins are sufficiently moistened by checking out the links and the various videos (one of which I will attempt to embed at the balls end of this here post) then you can download a pre-alpha build of a playable section of the game, should you so wish. I haven’t yet done this because I’m not sure I want to play a pre-alpha (which will be rough, unfinished, probably not even content-ready) of a game that will obviously rely so heavily on atmosphere. I dunno, I may yet still, but at time of writing I haven’t. If you do though, comment if you care enough to and let me know if you like it.

Anyway. There we have it. Among The Sleep. Creepier than Jimmy Savile in a clown costume.

Links you sons-a-b*tches.

Carry on.


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